Die hier angeführten Software-Pakete dienen der Sammlung, Programmierung und dem „playout“ von vorproduzierten Sendungen (ggf. in Kombination mit Live-Sendungen, wiederkehrenden Ankündigungen etc.), teilweise auch der WWW-Präsentation des Programms.

Es handelt sich um Softwareprodukte, die nicht durchwegs Open Source und/oder kostenlos sind, jedenfalls aber häufig von Freien Radios eingesetzt werden.


  • DRS2006

    DRS2006 ist eine relativ kostengünstige, modulare, sehr weit verbreitete Komplettlösung für die Studio-Automation.

  • Campcaster / Airtime

    Campcaster is an open source radio management application for use by both small and large radio stations to schedule radio shows.

  • Mediabox 404

    C’est un ensemble de modules (Administration, Client, Programmation, Diffusion) lié par une base de données MySQL. Les liens sont des Piles FIFO enregistrées dans des tables de la base de données.

  • Rivendell

    Rivendell aims to be a complete radio broadcast automation solution, with the facilities for the acquisition, management, scheduling and playout of audio content.

  • ZaraStudio

    ZaraStudio is an application designed to automate radio stations.
    Random music styles, fades and automatic overlaps between songs based on sound level, DTMF tones detection without additional hardware, remote control through the parallel port, a complete events system, four aux players and handling up to six sound cards simultaneously are some of the features that have made it a very popular solution in lots of stations around the world.

Im World Wide Web

  • ARAS Radio Automation System

    Free broadcast automation system.

  • Free and Open Source Software for doing Radio

    What are we up to? Build a suite of existing and to be coded programs, that would allow a radio, be it FM or AM — or internet only — to either fully automate its operations or assist its DJs in their work. Or as we say on the Project Page: All you ever needed to run a FM-radio, but never dared to ask for as OSS / Free Software: studio automation, scheduling etc. Pointing to what’s already out there, trying to build what’s not.

  • Kastor DSP (Radio Broadcasting Software)

    Kastor its an easy to use, streaming radio broadcasting tool. It supports ShoutCast and IceCast servers. The main purpose of Kastor is to stream live audio from your computers Mic or Line input with Shoutcast or Icecast servers. Recording is also possible, unlike other source clients it will automatically stream a set of audio files if it is setup that way.

  • RADIOandDJ

    Erstellt komplette Sendelisten aus MP3-Datenbanken.



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